Smith Junior Freeski Open - Nelson

Jan 24, 2019

Get directions to Smith Junior Freeski Open - Nelson


Whitewater Ski Resort is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Smith Jr. Freeski Open Jan 24-27. Registration will open in December.

This Big Mountain Freeskiing competition is for ages 7 to 18 years who will be judged on 5 different categories as described below. Skiers are rewarded for using the terrain creatively and are scored based on line choice, fluidity, style, control, and aggressiveness as they navigate through black and double black ski terrain featuring cliffs, airs, moguls, and anything else the mountain can throw at them.

The terrain chosen has a designated start location, left and right boundaries, and a finish line. Where competitors go is totally up to them. This type of competition meshes really well with the Kootenay mentality and terrain.

Contact Info

  • 1-800-666-9420
  • 250-354-4944
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  • Whitewater Ski Resort, NELSON, BC, Canada