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Kootenay Rockies Golf

Kootenay Rockies Golf.

The Kootenay Rockies region is one of North America's most exciting and adventurous places to play golf. Obviously, the rugged, mountainous terrain provides a thrilling canvas on which to paint a course. Not surprisingly, the many esteemed architects who have been fortunate enough to work here have been given some of the most impressive parcels of land in their careers. And there are many masterpieces to choose from – over twenty-five.

There is a host of world-renowned mountain courses, however the excitement and adventure isn't limited to famous courses. The many little-known gems that cling to mountains and swerve through the forests near the scenic towns and villages are just as rewarding to play.

The Kootenay Rockies' geographical boundaries include the southeast corner of British Columbia, a region composed of a series of north/south extending valleys and mountain ranges including the Monashee, Columbia, Selkirk, Purcell and world-renowned Rocky Mountains. The regional boundaries include the Alberta border with British Columbia in the east, the US border with Canada in the south and extends north to the centres of Revelstoke and Golden and west to the Thompson Okanagan region. If it's golf, and if it's in the Kootenay Rockies, something very, very good is in store for you.

Kootenay Rockies Golf by area

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Kootenay Golf Trail

More often than not, it pays to take the road less travelled. The unspoiled riches of the Kootenay Golf Trail – which includes some of the most serene and sublime golf experiences in the world – are bound to take your passion for the game to a whole new level. With plenty of courses and some of the sweetest scenery your eyes have ever seen, The Kootenay Golf Trail is the ultimate journey of discovery. The Kootenay Golf Trail includes shimmering lakes, hot springs, sun and sand beaches.

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The East Kootenay

Thanks to a cool combination of new and old, the East Kootenay corridor is one of the hottest golf destinations in North America. While the contemporary courses here are absolutely awesome, the classic courses – as well as the natural beauty, the fun-filled festivals and the famous mountain culture – will have you begging for more. The East Kootenay area features the Rocky Mountains, historic buildings, river valley views and great golf with epic views.

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The Columbia Valley

The courses within the Columbia Valley are some of the most impressive mountain golf courses in the world. However, if spine-tingling views and scintillating golf holes are not enough, rest assured, the non-stop adventure, the natural hot springs and the mountain-town aura that prevails will guarantee your getaway is one for the ages. The Columbia Valley offers spectacular lakes, hot springs, beaches and unforgettable mountain golf.

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The Kootenay North

Separated by the engineering marvel that is Rogers Pass - one of the most amazing mountain highways in the world - the Golden Golf Club and the Revelstoke Golf Club are charming locales where golf as an unpretentious, soul-stirring game takes centre stage. Friendly, welcoming and highly-memorable, a golf sojourn through 'the north' is bound to leave you with a jam-packed photo-book of highs. Whether it's on the highway or on the course, keep it on the straight and narrow.

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