Animal Magic Worldwide

Animal Magic Worldwide


Animal Magic Worldwide offers programs for people of all walks of life and age to get together with horses in a place of beauty and nature for equine facilitated learning & healing.

Horses as non-predatory animals radiate awe-inspiring strength and power, and yet embody delightful sensitivity and vulnerability at the same time. By engaging with horses at Animal Magic, the horses continuously call you up to live this perfect balance yourself.

Services include Equine Facilitated Sessions, Workshops with Horses, Personal Retreats with Horses, Study with Horses, Leadership and Team Building Courses.

Martina Danzer is Owner and Facilitator at Animal Magic Worldwide. Martina has been an explorer all her life - of the lands around her and the dimensions within. Her journey with horses started 20 years ago, when she realized she was scared to death of their powerful presence.  The desire to understand and to heal has led her on an amazing quest, filled with a multitude of inspiring horse and human leaders in the field of Equine Facilitated work.

Six beautiful horses and two vibrant dogs are a part of the learning and healing presentations.

AMW does not offer overnight accommodation. Located in the stunning wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, outside of Kimberley - a 2 hour drive away from Banff National Park and a 30 minute drive from Rocky Mountain International Airport in Cranbrook.

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  • 6348 Lost Dog Road, KIMBERLEY, BC


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