Between a Lake and a High Place

Between a Lake and a High Place


Between a Lake and a High Place is a brand new experiential tourism company based in Kaslo - a great location for many activities.

They unravel the distinctive nature of the West Kootenay area with behind-the-scenes access to unique places, venues and people integrating exclusive elements and stories of life from this unique region.

Experiences include:
  • The Red Balance - The land-locked Kokanee Salmon of Kootenay Lake.
  • Photographic Storytelling - An afternoon with renowned freewriter and photographer.
  • Mountaintop Music and Moonstories - A magical evening of music and stories.
  • Life of a Tree - Scientific and spiritual walk amongst the trees.
  • Harvest for Humanity - Become a fruit picker for the day in Kaslo.
  • Pixie Treehouse Concert - Micro-concert with poet & harper, overlooking Kootenay Lake.
  • David Kane's Workgang - Become a turn-of-the-century logger and learn survival skills.
  • Acoustic Walk, Last Night - Enter one of nature's spiritual places for a forest walk at dusk.
  • Batstronomy - Find out how to  hear and count bats.
  • Acoustic Walk, First Light - Sharpen your senses with an acoustic forest walk in early am.
  • Drink Your Beer and Eat it too - A private Angry Hen Brewery Tour and tastings.

Contact Info

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  • Box 752, KASLO, BC


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