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Kootenay Country Craft Distillery

Located between the communities of Winlaw and Slocan.

The Kootenay Country Craft Distillery (KCC) reflects the deep family farm and agricultural traditions that define this area. The distillery married heirloom, 100-mile-sourced agricultural products, and pure spring waters to artisans distillation methods, creating unique spirits such as their Valhalla Vodka (an award-winning vodka!).

Additional products are the Kootenay Country Gin and Seasonal products:

  • Kootenay Country Huckleberry Ginger Cinnamon Vodka
  •  Elderflower Vodka
  • Black Currant, Cucumber & Tarragon Vodka

KCCD uses hand-distilling methods, free-flowing mountain springs waters and local, organic ingredients (in most cases) to produce ultra-premium spirits: handcrafted in small batches.

Tours & Tasting Room:
Open Thursday – Saturday 2pm – 5pm

To schedule tasting on other days, please call ahead. Products include artisan vodkas & gin.

Their Story:

When Lora & Kevin Goodwin first began growing and selling organic strawberries and vegetables in 1998, they had no idea that they would one day produce handcrafted artisan spirits. As they worked the land, they experienced the importance of supporting local farms and felt the positive impact of a community’s agriculture had on both the environment and its prosperity. They planted the seeds of a dream to leverage this experience, a love of growing their own food, and the desire to make a finished farm product into a local business. That idea, was brought to fruition with Kootenay Country Craft Distillery.

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7263 Gustafson Road



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