Welcome To Alpine Nirvana: Kaslo, BC

Welcome To Alpine Nirvana: Kaslo, BC

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Some of the most memorable experiences while travelling take place when you slow down and take the time to experience your surroundings on a deeper level.

Welcome to Alpine Nirvana” does just that. This choose-your-own-adventure tour of the town of Kaslo, offered by the experiential tourism company Between a Lake and a High Place will give you an in-depth look at what life is like in this remote lakeside village.

Aerial view of Kaslo on Kootenay Lake; photo by David Gluns

Based in Kaslo, Between a Lake and a High Place offers experiences across the West Kootenays and seeks to connect travellers to the essence of a place and its people through authentic travel experiences. 

The SS Moyie is berthed at the shoreline, walking distance to downtown; photo by Ashley Voykin

Hosted by author, musician, artist, broadcaster and eccentric local Randy Morse; Welcome to Alpine Nirvana will be tailor-made to suit your interests as you explore Kaslo with the guidance of Randy. Depending on your preferences, Randy may take you for a stroll down to the waters of Kootenay Lake; or through the forests on the Kaslo River trails; or regale you with stories of Kaslo and its colourful characters over a drink at Angry Hen Brewing Company.

Horse-carriage touring of downtown Kaslo; photo by Kari Medig

No matter where your tour takes you, it’s sure to be filled with anecdotes and insight into the inner-workings of one of BC’s most picturesque towns.

This experience is perfect for travellers who are curious about the places they find themselves in, who want to go beyond guide books and learn first-hand what life is like in the village of Kaslo.

Kaslo's cozy downtown; photo by Emanuel Smedbøl

Depending on your chosen activities, the activity level required would be low or medium, with much of the tour taking place in the heart of downtown Kaslo and within walking distance to Kootenay Lake.

Exploring the shoreline of Kootenay Lake in Kaslo; photo by Emanuel Smedbøl

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Words by Ashley Voykin.  Cover/top photo courtesy of Emanuel Smedbøl of the shoreline of Kootenay Lake.

Ashley Voykin is a landscape and outdoor adventure photographer in the West Kootenays. Her work focuses on big mountains, small towns and exploring those spaces. Committed to capturing local landscapes in a new way, she can often be found chasing Northern Lights late into the night and finding new views of endless lakes and mountains around the Kootenays.

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