Kootenay Local Secrets by Ashley

Kootenay Local Secrets by Ashley

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Each month we will be sharing stories from explorers in the Kootenays! This week we featured Ashley VoykinAshley is a landscape and portrait photographer from the West Kootenays, she grew up in the small community of Genelle situated between Castlegar and Trail. Ashley spends part of her time exploring the Kootenays with a camera, and part of it in Calgary, AB, getting back out to the mountains whenever possible. 

To see more of Ashley's photography be sure to view her Instagram feed: Ashley Voykin.

1) In your opinion, what is the Kootenay's best kept secret?

The Kootenays is incredibly well known for it’s outdoor culture, but the one topic that never seems to come up is night sky viewing. There’s no shortage of beautiful locations to view the milky way from, and if you’re lucky you might even see some northern lights too. The mountain views are spectacular in the daytime, but at night they’re out of this world. 

Kootenay Lake at Lost Ledge Provincial Park

2) Describe one of your favourite epic days in the Kootenays?

Waking up at 4am to catch sunrise on the shore of Kootenay Lake with friends, there’s nothing more epic than watching the sky turn from a cool dark blue scattered with stars to seeing light rays crest over the mountain tops. 

3) Name your top '3 things' you love about the Kootenays

I love the solitude, it’s something that’s hard to come by in the city, but out in the Kootenays surrounded by wilderness there’s so much peace and quiet. The quirkiness and character of all the towns and communities across the Kootenays is also on my list. Finally, the access to get out into the outdoors and experience nature is unparalleled. 

Loving the solitude at Syringa Provincial Park, near Castlegar

4) If you could choose that one spot in the Kootenays that makes you the happiest, where would it be?

Nothing makes me happier than cooling off from the summers heat in the deep dark waters of Slocan Lake. 

Slocan Lake

5) How does getting out exploring inspire you?

Adventure in the Kootenays is endless, there’s always another hike, another view to discover and photograph. Every new location that I visit has a such different feel and look to it, and it’s constantly getting me out the door to create.

Watching the sun set near Riondel on Kootenay Lake.

Cool winter setting on Slocan Lake

Responses and all photos by Ashley Voykin.

Please tag your images with #KootRocks on Instagram to be featured in future stories. 


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