Kootenay Local Secrets by Brianna

Kootenay Local Secrets by Brianna

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Meet Brianna. You can find her riding cruiser bikes, beachin’ it, snowboarding fresh powder and spending evenings a social-spots with good people.  She quickly became a Rocky Mountain fanatic, and rushed out the door to enjoy day hikes whenever possible. With the Kootenays as her backyard, she now incorporates all her favourite pastimes into daily occurrences. These are, photography, seeing new places, meeting new people and spending quality time with family and friends. Take a look at some of her local secrets.

Kimberley's local watering hole; the Flume.

How did you learn about “where to go and what to see” in the Kootenays?

I have learned about some indoor (i.e. eating) and outdoor (i.e. hiking) activities from many local people! My parents have been the base and office manager for Eclipse Helicopters at the airport for the past four years now, so their newly developed friendships with some locals quickly became my new friendships too! It's cool being friends with an older crowd, right?

It is through their suggestions and guidance that I have had amazing experiences hiking up giant mountains, such as Fisher Peak and Teepee Mountain, or smaller ones, such as the Wycliffe Buttes or the top of the old T-Bar at Kimberley Alpine Resort. It is also through their knowledge that I have eaten delicious food (and drank delicious beer) at my most-preferred places: The Heidout, The Shed, the Sullivan Pub, and the lounge at St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino.


Hike to the second Butte in Wycliffe. 

When you head out on a Kootenay adventure, what items are a “must take” with you?

My camera, a water bottle, and a friend! I'm not one to adventure out on my own, therefore I love having company. I am also quite obsessed with taking photos and drinking water! So, you will ALWAYS see me carrying around a red water bottle and little camera. Fair warning to those who go on Kootenay adventures with me: My continual picture-taking and water-drinking always leads to frequent stops!

Sunlight peaking through and showing off the Balsam Root.

Describe your ideal spring day in the Kootenays.

My ideal spring day in the Kootenays would begin with a slow morning coffee and scone at Timber Hitch in Marysville, followed by a walk on one of the many paths around Kimberley! I also love spending time out at the Eclipse office. Airports are exciting - if you find aviation intriguing! There is always some kind of activity going on every day during each season. From there, I'd enjoy an afternoon hike around the Wycliffe Buttes, while cautiously keeping an eye on the many isolated spring storms! Not once have I been rained on (*knock on wood*) but seeing the dark gloomy clouds in one direction and bright blue sky in the other is a wonder I always enjoy!  

Looking towards Kimberley from the Butte in Wycliffe.

What is an experience that you would suggest to a new visitor to the Kootenays?

An experience I would suggest for a new visitor to the Cranbrook area, would be to go on the Fisher Peak Adventure helicopter tour offered by Eclipse Helicopters! Not only would they see, up close and personal, iconic features of the area, such as Fisher Peak itself, Fort Steele Heritage Town, and the St Mary's River, but they would also get the warmest welcome from the friendliest staff at the Eclipse office. I am not biased at all 😉.

Amazing view over Fort Steele Heritage Town. 

All responses and images by Brianna M.

Feeling inspired? Now's the time to get out and explore the Kootenays! We look forward to your next adventure. 

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