Kootenay Local Secrets by Bruno

Kootenay Local Secrets by Bruno

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This month we showcased, Bruno Long who was running the Esplanade Traverse at Golden Alpine Holidays (located in the northern Selkirk Mountains near Golden, BC). This epic adventure (July 16-21, 2017) starts at the north end of the Esplanade Range at GAH's Vista Lodge. The trail running group traversed the range, staying at three different lodges until they reached Sunrise Lodge at the south end of the range.  The lodges are about 10-km apart by trail but the runs can be extended each day to up to 40-km.  Below is Bruno's personal take on this year's traverse!    

To see more of Bruno's photographer, be sure to view his Instagram feed: Bruno Long.

#1 - What makes you most happy about exploring the Esplanade range of the Selkirk Mountains?
Initially, the happiest part was being able to head back to one of the areas (Meadow Lodge, photo below) and travel through terrain I had previously skied in. But after 4-days with this crew, the happiest part is being with like-minded, easy going mountain folk. 

#2 - Describe your perfect day in the backcountry?
For running, I think a day high in the alpine, with great views, easy travel and a mixed bag of weather, just to keep it interesting. 

#3 - How does our incredible wilderness inspire you?
Being in such a vast and beautiful environment reminds me that we are very fortunate to be able to live here and enjoy the raw power of nature so close to home.   

#4 - Name your top ‘3 things’ you loved about the Esplanade Traverse?
a) The simplicity. Being able to (mostly) leave work behind, our main objective each day was to get to the next lodge. How we got to the lodge, is an entirely different subject.
b) The attitude. Our crew, 12 girls and 2 guys, bonded right away and things only got better throughout the week. Having a good team mentality on these huts trips is of paramount importance. Our crew had it in spades.
c) The view. The Esplanade Range is a perfectly suited environment for hiking and trail running. The ground cover is mostly soft, the ridges are wide and there is plenty of water. And with spectacular views of Rogers Pass and the Rockies, you couldn't ask for a much better place for a trail running retreat. 

#5 - In your opinion, what is our (area) best kept secret?
Best secret? Definitely all of the lakes along the traverse. Big ones. Small ones. Cold ones. Colder ones. Search them out. Swim in them. 

#6 - What recommendation would you give to a new visitor, who has never hiked/trekked our mountains?
Start slow. Ease into and just enjoy the time outside. Build up to longer trails. Make an adventure out of your day and make time to just sit and stare at the mountains. That's why we are there, right??

#7 - Was the Esplanade Traverse everything you dreamed about?
I was slightly nervous about it to begin with, not knowing exactly what to expect. But it turned out to be better than expected. Good travel, amazing camaraderie and mostly perfect weather. Who needs any more than that??

Responses and all images by Bruno Long

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