Kootenay Secrets by Caity

Kootenay Secrets by Caity

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This month we showcased a local Kootenay explorer, Caity who frequently visit the Kootenays - specifically 'adventures' in our Monashee, Selkirk and Purcell mountains. To see more of Caity's photos, check out her Instagram Feed.   

Upper Arrow Lake

1) In your opinion, what is the Kootenay's best kept secret?

It wouldn't be a secret if I told you. The Kootenays has some epic mountain ranges and great backcountry skiing. I'm excited to explore more this coming season! 


2) Describe one of your favourite epic days in the Kootenays?

Last summer we made the trek up Saddle Mountain to spend the night in the fire lookout tower. With a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine, we watched the most vibrant neon pink sunset fade to soft pastels, and to a sky full of stars. 

Saddle Mountain - Upper Arrow Lake

3) Name your top '3 things' you love about the Kootenays!

What's there not to love about the Kootenays?! If I had to whittle it down to three things:
#1) family! My brother lives in Nelson, giving me more reason to visit the Kootenays and he makes for a convenient home base

#2) the multitude of options! Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing!!! It's an epicentre of action for the outdoor enthusiast!
#3) the mountains! My happy place! 


4) If you could choose that one spot in the Kootenays that makes you the happiest, where would it be?

This is going to sound cheesed, but right next to my boyfriend, Mark. He's my main man and the best hiking partner around. We met in the mountains, fell in love in the mountains, and continue to explore the mountains together. Joss Peak has a special place in my heart. It was our first date. 

Joss Mountain  

5) How does exploring our backcountry inspire you? 

The backcountry has become a true addiction for me! When I'm out in the mountains, I feel connected with what's pure in life. Searching for those mountain highs. It inspires me to continue exploring and finding the true beauty in nature. All you really need is a good hiking buddy and a solid pair of boots and you're good to go! 

Rogers Pass - Glacier National Park

Responses and all images by Caity.

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