Kootenay Local Secrets by Clayton

Kootenay Local Secrets by Clayton

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Meet Clayton, a local from Golden, BC. Not only does he go on incredible adventures, but he's also a guru behind the lens capturing stunning photography for us to enjoy! Most days, you'll find him in the back-country, or at the end of a fly rod. Check out more of his amazing adventures on his Instagram feed.

Dogtooth Range in Golden, BC.

1. Describe your favourite day in the Kootenays. 

Ha, this is a tough one! I have experienced countless awesome adventures in the Kootenays! One that always pops in to mind was a fly-fishing trip with my pal Jeremy. We were using frog and mice fly patterns that we tied. It was two days full off mosquito bites, tons of heckling at each other, gut wrenching laughs and some of the best dry fly sight fishing I have done.

Northern Lights over Golden, BC.

2. How did you learn about “where to go and what to see” in the Kootenays?

I would say lots of family trips growing up. Doing various activities all over the Kootenays has given me a wealth of knowledge into where all the hidden gems are. And cruising back roads is one of my favourite pastimes.

Waking up in the Purcell Mountains back-country.

3. What activity (or place) do you recommend to someone visiting the Kootenays for the first time?

Hmmm... This really varies on what season it is. In the winter, I would recommend a ski resort because it gets you to the top of the mountain for the views and you get to shred some pow on the way down. For summer, I would recommend hiking one of the thousands of trails located in the Kootenays. Or a canoe trip down a river or lake.

Gazing at the sunrise in the Purcell Mountains. 

4. When you head out on a Kootenay adventure, what items are a “must take” with you?  

Now days I always have my camera, a knife, first aid kit, bear spray and a big bag of dried mango (sooo good)!

The incredible Chancellor Peak.

Feeling inspired? Get out there and explore! We can't wait to see where you explore. 

All responses and images by Clayton Robison.

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