Kootenay Local Secrets by Jonny

Kootenay Local Secrets by Jonny

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This month we showcased a local Kootenay explorer, Jonny Woods who's a skydiver, skier and photographer living the dream in Revelstoke, BC.  To see more of Jonny's photos, check out his Instagram Feed.    

#1 - Who is your favourite outdoor companion? 
The one companion I take on all of my adventures is my camera. It allows me to capture every aspect of where I've explored and freeze those special moments in time. Capturing scenes and moments while adventuring is something I strive to do. After a whole season, it's nice to look back and re-live every adventure through my photos.

#2 - Describe your perfect day in the Kootenays? 
The perfect day would start with getting up early, just as the sun is rising, grabbing my gear and friends, then hiking up a mountain to snag another summit for the season. In the summer, we'd pass by the lake and the ol' rope swing for a quick dip and some cold ones before heading home to plan the next day's adventure. If the sun's still out, I'd always sneak in some climbing at Begbie Bluffs or a bike ride on McPherson.

Image of the Milky Way above Mt. Begbie and McPherson 

#3 - What do you love about exploring in the Kootenays? 
I love that feeling of remoteness when you wander out into the backcountry and it's just you and the target you've set out to accomplish. Every hiking adventure is different and the views are always breath-taking.

#4 -  What are your top 3 favourite outdoor activities to do?  
Easily, my favourite activities are hiking, biking and climbing. The Hiking in and around Revelstoke is All Time! Most of the trails aren't obvious, but if you do your research, you can find them. It's worth it to look into finding the hikes that are off the beaten trail. Revelstoke is also very quickly becoming quite the mecca for biking which is fantastic. Climbing is great all around the Kootenays. It's something I'm pretty new to, but I'm loving every aspect of it.

Amazing reflections of Mountain Revelstoke

#5 -  How does the Kootenay wilderness inspire you? 
It inspires me to keep getting out there as there are always new places and new adventures to be had. Every time I make it to a set target or goal, I look out at the surrounding landscape and say, "Next time, let's go up there!".  I'm forever chasing the stunning views from the summits and that feeling of adventure.

All photos and words by Jonny Woods.

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