Taking it to the Next Level: Ultimate Adventures in the Kootenays

Taking it to the Next Level: Ultimate Adventures in the Kootenays

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“I feel the need for speed!”

And with more intense activities available in the Kootenays, we are ‘upping the ante’ with the addition of Nelson’s Kokanee Mountain Zipline -- swinging 91m (300 ft.) in the air, over a 732m (2,400 ft.) canyon or Valley Zipline Adventures in Radium Hot Springs -- offering self-guided zip line tour featuring 7 lines or Mineral Mountain Zipline in Fairmont Hot Springs -- offers no shortage of things to marvel at as you zig and zag across Fairmont Creek from high above. And Revelstoke’s Mountain Coaster ‘The Pipe’ -- it’s just you, the coaster and upwards of 42-km per hour speeds.  Speed junkies can get their fill here! 

Kokanee Mountain Zipline near Nelson, BC 

Or why not trek across an ancient glacier?  With CMH Bobbie Burns & Bugaboos, you get to do just that.  These are destinations that mountaineers dream of; each are thrilling yet offer the easy to trek across these remote glaciers.

Mt. Nimbus via Ferrata (photo by Ryan Creary)

Still need a little more adrenaline? How about the Kootenay’s three via Ferratas? Kicking Horse Mountain Resort opened their route in 2015.  Bolted to the rock face of Terminator1, their ‘Ascension’ route is one of the top most technical routes. Summit this giant and cross their ‘Guts Bridge’ at the end of this awe-inspiring trek.  The CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge ‘Mt. Nimbus’ via Ferrata feels like you are on top of the world.  Scaling this impressive formation is mind-blowing – it is North America’s longest.  Their suspension bridge lies between two spires rising 600m (1,969 ft) above the valley floor.  And the CMH Bugaboo route ‘the Skyladder’ starts with a half-day vertical tour towards the sky, followed by a ridge-line hike gazing over the 1,500 million year old glaciers in the Purcells. 

Para-gliding above Revelstoke, BC (photo by Ryan Creary)

What about tandem paragliding adventures?  With Altitude Adventures in Golden, Kootenay Paragliding in Nelson, Parapete Tandem in Golden and Revelstoke Paragliding you can soar above our amazing valley floor.  Each launch from a local mountain top and grabs the best thermals to enable you to soar like the eagles.

Still not high enough?  How about tandem skydiving in Golden with Extreme Yeti? This exhilarating rush is available to newcomers and after just 30 minutes of training you will be on your way.  At a mere 3,048m to 3,658m (10,000-12,000 ft.) above the ground you take your first step and begin your float in suspended air back down.

The best part of all of these epic Kootenay ultimate adventures; they will leave you with a feeling that you have conquered an amazing feat!

(via Ferrata: is Italian for iron road, it’s a protected climbing route. Installed steel steps, handles, ladder runs & steel cable in the places where the trail steepens, adventurers are secured to the rock wearing a harness that is always attached to the steel cable).

Story by a KootRocks Staffer.  Cover/top photo at Kicking Horse Mtn Resort's via Ferrata, by Ryan Creary.

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