Renew Yurtself: Wilderness Wellness with Radius Retreat

Renew Yurtself: Wilderness Wellness with Radius Retreat

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Venture into the wild. Unforgettable landscapes and unparalleled wilderness surrounds Radius Retreat, north of Radium Hot Springs, BC. Come experience the first ever 'yurt-to-yurt' rejuvenating spa day. Relax, learn, renew and connect while you wander.

On May 10 and/or 11, Radius will be offering a full-day wellness experience. Start the day with refreshments then obtain your itinerary & map, and join into one of the group sessions, Forest Bathing or Qigong. Followed by individual, customized sessions with your wellness providers (Yoga, Acupuncture/Healing Oils, Reflexology, Massage and Nutrition). You will have an opportunity to meet with all five wellness practitioners.

Wellness yoga, photo courtesy by Radius Retreat

Mid-day nourishment will be provided, followed by more sessions. The trails are open all day, so you are free to explore on your own, or swing in a hammock or find a secluded spot to read a book. Ending with a wine and cheese reception with Team Radius.

The Den, photo courtesy of Radius Retreat

Radius has seven yurts, all immersed in nature. Is this unique glamping right for you? Here are some details on this adventurous yurt experience:

Q1 – Are their hiking trails?
Yes, almost 1,000 acres to explore on your own (4 set trails are mapped out)

Q2 – Is there bedding?
No, guests are responsible for their own (bring your sleeping bag & pillow)

Q3 – Is firewood provided?
Yes, firewood is available at each Yurt (as well as matches and fire-starter)

The interior of the yurt, photo courtesy of Radius Retreat

Q4 – Are there bathrooms?
Yes, each yurt has its own vermiculture composting toilet (but there is no running water; hand sanitizer and toilet paper is provided)

Q5 – Is there water at the Yurt?
No, there are two non-potable water stations on the property

Q6 – Are pets allows?
Yes, pets stay for free, all yurts are pet-friendly

The Burrow, photo courtesy of Radius Retreat

The wellness excursion is $450 per person (or split it between 2 people).
  If you wish to overnight accommodation in one of seven yurts is available (for an extra cost).

When we open our hearts in wild places, we allow the rhythms of nature to flow through us. Let nature be your teacher.

The Hollow Yurt, photo courtesy of Radius Retreat

Story by KootRocks Staffer (Shannon Harrison.  Cover/ top photo of '
The Nest', a 2.4km Hike with a 121 m elevation gain.

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