Kootenay Local Secrets by Ryan B.

Kootenay Local Secrets by Ryan B.

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Meet Ryan Bavin. Based in Invermere, Ryan has a passion for the outdoors, mountain photography and glass art. He is lucky enough to spend almost every day of the summer outdoors, and has no problem getting out in the cold either! His job as a guide allows him to take people from all over the world to explore the mountains he hold close. Check out his Instagram Feed to see more of his work!

#1 - If you could choose one spot in the Kootenays that make you the happiest, where would it be?

That is a tough question as there are so many places! When I think about it though, I would have to say the Purcell Mountains. I realize this is pretty broad based, but I’ve been spending time in the Purcells since before I can remember, always with family and friends. Key spots would be; the Chalice / Septet creek areas, Lake of the Hanging Glaciers, the Bugaboos, and Silent pass.

Incredible views up in the Bugaboos. 

#2 - Name your ‘Top 3 Things’ you love about the Kootenays. 

#1 - Close access to pristine Mountains and Lakes.

#2 - The culture, which is somewhat vague but definitely unique! It is made up of people who are committed to a lifestyle that is a bit closer to the land and their surroundings.

#3 - The seasons, which, just as you’re getting used to one, the next one is just around the corner to look forward to.

Quite the crew getting ready to drop in for some fresh powder lines!

#3 - Who is your favourite outdoor companion?

That would definitely be Tina, my better half. She is always up for an adventure, or to just go chill out somewhere outside.

Tina in some deep Purcell powder.

#4 - Describe your perfect day in the Kootenays?

Usually that would be on one of the “multisport” days, typically in spring. This often starts with skiing in the morning and then going sport climbing or biking or hiking or fishing or heading out on the lake in the afternoon! 

The perfect stop for a lunch break at Pedley Pass. 

#5 - What’s your favourite Kootenay season and why?

I would have to say my favourite season is the one that it happens to be at the time. I think that having such diversity in our seasons gives us something to look forward to. The different seasons bring different people to the area looking for different types adventure, relaxation or wellness. I always feel fortunate to be home in the Kootenays, any time of year.

Ryan's backyard views. Not bad, not bad.

All responses and images by Ryan Bavin

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