Kootenay Local Secrets by Steve

Kootenay Local Secrets by Steve

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Each month we will be sharing stories from explorers in the Kootenays! This week we featured Steve Robert.  Steve is from France and moved to the Kootenays in 2013. He currently resides in Nelson BC where he spends his winters skiing and his summers biking. Finding inspiration in the mountains, Steve is a sports photographer always looking for the next adventure.

To see more of Steve's photography be sure to view his Instagram feed: Steve Robert. 

1) What do you love about the Kootenays?

Living here gives access to new adventures every day all year round. Whether you bike, hike, ski or fish there is always a new adventure that awaits. I grew up in a big city and being able to spend time in the mountains whenever I want is a thing I really enjoy.

Backcountry skiing in the Selkirk Mountains

2) How does exploring the backcountry inspire you?

As a photographer exploring the backcountry inspires me a lot. I am always looking for the new zone and new things to shoot. This makes me go farther every time I can. Sometimes the quest for the new place makes me go outside of my comfort zone. I think spending time in the backcountry is one of the best ways to learn and to educate yourself.

Exploring the terrain in the Kootenay Pass

3) Describe one of your perfect day in the Koots?

My perfect day in the Koots start with some first tracks at Whitewater Ski Resort on a sunny powder day. After a few laps at the resort and with some good ‘avy’ conditions, it is time to explore the backcountry with some friends and ski bottomless powder. By the end of the day we make it back to one of the saddle surrounding the Whitewater valley completely exhausted after skiing some big lines and touring for hours. While we remove our skins and pack our bags, the time seems to stop as the sun goes down. We put on the skis and start skiing the lightest snow in this incredible light. The trees, the snow and the sky turn orange and red. The skiing back to the car make the best lines of the day look ridiculous compared to this amazing instant of skiing the alpenglow. Down at the parking lot it is cold and dark. A last look at the face we just skied turning into a pink canvas ends the day. It is time for some après-ski.

Skiing at Whitewater Ski Resort

4) If you could choose that one spot in the Kootenay to explore where would it be?

Whitewater Ski Resort's backcountry - because it has so much to offer. You don’t have go to very far to find yourself in a different world.

Exploring the backcountry terrain at Whitewater Ski Resort

5) What is the Kootenay's best-kept secret?

Even if skiing the Powder Highway is becoming world famous, there will always be mountains in the region that have never seen skiers. This is what make skiing in the Kootenay so unique. The possibilities to explore are endless.

Ski touring in the Selkirk Mountains

Responses and all photos by Steve Robert.

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