Top 10 Things You Might Not Know about Whitewater

Top 10 Things You Might Not Know about Whitewater

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#10 - It's a resort to disconnect (no wifi or cell coverage)

#9 - An impressive number of top freeskiers and pro-skiers come from WH2O.  For this year, out of 7 youths to represent Canada at the Junior Freeride Championship - 5 were from the WH20 Freeride Team!

#8 - Its had two private owners (Mike & Shelley Adams, 1997-2008 and Knee Deep Development, 2008-present)  

#7 - They kicked off their 40th Anniversary (last season), with a customized beer "Bentpole" from the Nelson Brewing Company

#6 - The top season pass-holder, Frances Welwood has physically owned 38 of 40 season passes

#5 - Whitewater Cooks cookbooks are national bestsellers

#4 - It's home to one of the best Kootenay 'vibe' communities

#3 - It's famous for their backcountry booty (ask a local?!)

#2 - It offers one of the best spot for a latte or 'glory bowl' on a chairlift

#1 - This ski bum community lives up to their motto: "Pure, Simple and Real... Deep" !

Story shared by Kootenay Rockies; Top photo by David Gluns.

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