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About Our Organization

Kootenay Rockies Tourism (KRT) is one of BC’s five official Regional Destination Management Organizations (RDMO) and is under contract as a representative of Destination BC (DBC), the Provincial Destination Management Organization (PDMO). KRT has operated since 1978 and represents over 700 tourism businesses and operators. This includes resorts, accommodation properties, wellness retreats, golf, ski, adventure, communities, retail, food & beverage, transportation, arts & culture and attractions.

Contracted by Destination BC (PDMO) to deliver core services and programs in our geographic area of Southeastern BC, the association is a registered non-profit society and has a volunteer Board of Directors and a constitution of by-laws. The Board is elected bi-annually prior to the fall Annual General Meeting.

We operate from the Kootenay Rockies Tourism building at 1905 Warren Avenue in Kimberley, British Columbia. The Board of Directors is elected by the Active Partners and is charged with the responsibility of directing policy by which the management functions.

The Kootenay Rockies region is located in the southern interior of BC, bordering Alberta and the U.S. and includes four National Parks (Yoho, Glacier, Mt. Revelstoke, Kootenay) as well as over 75 Provincial Parks. The Rocky Mountains rise in parallel with the ranges of the Purcell, Selkirk & Monashee (Columbia Mountains).

Our organization coordinates marketing tactics on behalf of our Tourism Partners, focusing on Touring & Exploring products.  We work closely with DBC on the delivery of two new programs, Remarkable Experiences and Destination Development. Our Media Relations and Travel Trade specialists attend Canada’s Media Marketplace, GO Media, Rendezvous Canada and Canada’s West Marketplace as part of Team BC.


Registration as a Tourism Partner is available to tourism businesses, organizations, communities and consortiums actively operating a business, facility or service which is a component of a destination vacation package and/or experience.

Kootenay Rockies Tourism accepts applications, at no charge, for registration as a Tourism Partner.

Tourism Partners participating in any marketing initiatives under the Touring & Exploring Marketing Plan will automatically become a Kootenay Rockies Marketing Partner.

A Marketing Partner is eligible to vote and hold office in the Association and be accorded all partner rights under the Constitution.

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