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Accessible Travel & Adaptive Sports

This circle route includes the entire region. It showcases the Kootenay Rockies' communities and the accessible attractions and activities they offer. You can start touring along this route anywhere you like or simply check out the community or national park of your choice. Along your journey, you will discover rare, scenic vistas and meet warm friendly people.

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Golden Triangle

Framed by jagged mountains covered in snow and ice, the peaks that envelope the Golden Triangle are breathtaking to behold. Prepare for the trek of a lifetime, park your car at a trailhead and saunter into an untouched natural world where rushing rivers, emerald lakes and sky-high summits fill the unspoken void of every man or creature, who wanders in. After the exploration, unwind in a timber-framed mountain lodge, refuel with a gourmet meal and rest your weary feet by the crackling fire.

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Hot Springs Route

Wedged into the rocky and remote creases of these stunning mountains are natural hot springs that soothe, inspire and rejuvenate. Drive along quiet, tree-lined lakeshores where wonderful resorts, natural caves and mountainous settings leave a lasting impression. Venture along this route and enjoy the therpeutic warm, mineral rich water at some of the most enticing natural hot springs pools in the province. This most popular tour is approximately 800 km (500 mi).

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International Selkirk Loop Tour

Remote, culture-rich towns that cling to their old world charm. Hidden waterfalls. Adventures on horseback, mountain bikes, whitewater rafts. The International Selkirk Loop crosses the border but the mantra is the same: explore and experience until your heart is content. Discover eclectic art galleries, vibrant mountain towns, stunning turn of the century architecture, gourmet dining, live music, festivals, all wrapped in an an authentic, out there vibe that can only be found in grand, off the grid locales. The loop is approximately 450 km (280 mi).

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Mountains and Vineyards

The interior of British Columbia is christened with rich landscapes teeming with diversity. Lakes, mountains, deserts, valleys and exciting urban centres are ripe for exploration. For its length and limitless opportunities, the Mountains & Vineyards route reigns supreme. Discover pristine orchards, beautiful vineyards that hug the rolling hills and family-run farms. Taste the bounty of this fertile land. In the warm evening glow, settle into a mountain resort where wine tastings and locally-inspired food will win your heart. Approx. 1,250 km (775 mi).

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Rockies and Ranchlands

Where the prairies meet the mountains. Cowboy country. These are lands wild and vast. Sacred, sweeping views that First Nations people have honoured and revered for centuries. The allure of the Rockies and Ranchlands route speaks to romantics, ranchmen and railroading enthusiasts. Explore sacred buffalo jumps, heritage gold rush towns, dude ranches, antique stores and western themed villages as you channel your inner cowboy. The loop is approximately 1,025 km (635 mi).

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Silvery Slocan

Journey into the wild, lawless past when bars and brothels, saloons and silver, ruled the day. Visit ghost towns - rich with mine ruins, eclectic museums and turn-of-the-century buildings - that beckon anyone with a taste for adventure. Take a rugged, backcountry road to the top of a mountain, watch the eagles soar, smell the pines and know that the timeless aura of the legendary Silvery Slocan is still right at hand. End your day by easing into a lakeside town where cool cafes, streetside markets and a warm mountain culture will motivate you for what is yet to come. This tour is approximately 215 km (135 mi).

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West Koot Route

Quiet roads that twist through the heart of the British Columbia wilderness. Dense forests that yield to rising rock and glacier-scoured summits where only the bravest mountaineers have ventured. A place to be respected and admired. Stunning backcountry beauty - around every corner on the West Koot Route - is the norm. Soak in it. Stop for a hike, paddle a perfect lake, fling a fly in a trout-filled stream and find your little patch of paradise in the West Kootenays. This route is approximately 450 km (280 mi).

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