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Fort Steele Heritage Town

Welcome to Fort Steele Heritage Town where history comes alive!

The origins of Fort Steele can be traced back to the small settlement of Galbraith Ferry born during the 1864 Kootenay Gold Rush. Today, over 60 restored or reconstructed homes and buildings are waiting to take visitors back to yesteryear.

Treat yourself to the experience of life in Fort Steele and it’s guaranteed that part of your memory will remain here forever.

Fort Steele Heritage Town is open year-round, and 7 days a week in the summer season. Varying levels of programming and special events in effect from season to season, as well as options for weddings and private events.

Take in the scheduled street dramas and gossip tours that happen around the site, bringing both the seamy and delightful facts of the town’s history to life before your eyes! Visit with townsfolk, blacksmith, leather worker, tinsmith and heritage animals for a glimpse into the past.

The only vehicles you’ll have to watch out for here are the horse drawn wagons that circle the town giving narrated tours. Parents can relax and enjoy a fresh baked cinnamon bun from the Bakery while kids play across the street in the schoolyard.

Stay a while and take in entertainment. Hop on a steam train ride and enjoy lunch at the cafe / gift shop which is loaded with gifts and souvenirs. Stroll the many gardens beautifying Fort Steele and reflecting the importance of homegrown food. A variety of heritage plants are grown which were commonly found in family gardens prior to modern conveniences such as grocery stores.

The historic Windsor Hotel has been fully renovated back to its former glory.  Two suites and 4 rooms are available for overnight accommodation. The Windsor stands to this day on its original location and is classified as an official heritage building.  Great care has been  taken to restore this iconic hotel with historical accuracy. Experience history like never before. Be one of the first to stay in this historic hotel since it last closed its doors back in 1955.

Fort Steele Heritage Town offers 14 grade school programs and group activities which are delivered by trained and costumed interpreters. All of these programs are designed to fit with specific curriculum components and have a recommended grade level.

Details can be viewed on their website, as well as updated upcoming events and seasonal hours.

Enter an era when time moved more slowly, when life appeared simpler and when the decorative arts were present in everything from the cast iron range to the designer wallpaper.

Visitor Facilities:
Free parking.
Wheelchair accessible washrooms.
Visitor information.
Gift shop.
Food Services.
Free WiFi.

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