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Ferry Service

Year-round and a free service on Kootenay Lake and the Arrow Lakes.  The Kootenay Lake Ferry is the longest free ferry ride in Canada!

Kootenay Lake:
Highway 3A
From Balfour, 6:30am to 9:40pm
From Kootenay Bay, 7:10am to 10:20pm
Crossing time: 35 minutes
Ph: 1-250-229-4215
Balfour Ferry Terminal Webcam
Kootenay Lake Ferry Schedule

Highway 3A
Across Kootenay River to communities of Harrop & Procter
Crossing time: 5 minutes
On demand 24 hours
Ph: 1-250-229-5650
Harrop Ferry Webcam

Upper Arrow Lake:
Highway 23
From Shelter Bay, 5am to midnight
From Galena Bay, 5:30am to 12:30am
Crossing time: 20 minutes
Ph: 1-250-265-2105
Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry Schedule

Arrow Park:
Highway 6
Junction of Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes
From East side, 5am to noon; 2:15pm to 9:10pm
From West side, 5:10am to 12:05pm; 2:30pm to 9:20pm
Crossing time: 5 minutes
Ph: 1-250-265-2105

Lower Arrow Lake:
Highway 6
From Fauquier: 5am to 10pm
From Needles: 5:15am to 9:45pm
Crossing time: 5 minutes
Ph: 1-250-265-2105

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