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Fort Steele School Programs

Fort Steele Heritage Town offers over 14 grade school programs which are delivered by trained and costumed interpreters. All of these programs are designed to fit with specific curriculum components and have a recommended grade level.

Here’s a sampling of programs being offered; check the web link for more.

The Home Sweet Home (Grades K+) – Develop an appreciation for the domestic life of a 19th century family, by actively participating in activities such as washing clothes on a scrub board, baking in a wood stove and churning butter. Of course, the sweetest things in life are earned with hard work, especially when it’s homemade ice cream you will be making.

In the Working on the Railroad (Grades 4+) – In 1885, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company finished building the main line through Canada and it changed history s we know it. Learn the history of the railway in Canada and its importance to the development of the country. Take on the duties of those who worked on the railroad by building a small selection of track together as a team.

Textiles Through Time (Grades 2+) – Fabric is a fundamental material in the modern world. See how sheep’s wool is spun into yarn, learn about the different raw materials used to make various fabrics and dyes, and finally you’ll weave yarn together to create something truly wonderful.

Overnight Stay in the Barracks (Grades K+) – Stay on-site at Fort Steele. Students will have an opportunity to ‘rough it’ just like the Mounties did when they arrived in the East Kootenay in 1887. Sleep on a wooden trestle bed, cook on a wood stove and perform typical kitchen and clean-up duties of yesteryear.

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