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Sandon Ghost Town

Open for the 2024 season to Thanksgiving Weekend.

Miners, dreamers and schemers flocked to this remote valley between Kaslo and New Denver, and by 1897, Sandon had become a boom town of 5,000. But when the silver ran out, so did the town’s luck; it was quickly abandoned and, in 1955, a flash flood demolished many of its buildings.

Sandon Historical Society Museum

Today, this ghost town’s fascinating story is chronicled in a museum located in the historic Slocan Mercantile General Store.  The General Store features the original brick material and detailing typical of a commercial building of stature in its era.

Silversmith Power & Light Generating Station

In the 1890s, Sandon was a city with all the modern conveniences. Electricity was state-of-the-art and Sandon became the first place in BC to have an electricity utility where every citizen could obtain electrical service. The Silversmith Power and Light is family owned and operated, still operates today and was inducted into the World Hydro Hall of Fame in 2021. Tours offered.

City Hall / Fire Hall

Sandon City Hall on Carpenter Creek was re-built in 1900, after a devastating town fire. The new city hall housed a courtroom, jail and fire hall. After the city’s bankruptcy and dis-incorporation in 1920, it was converted into a school in 1925 and remained a school until 1954. City Hall now houses a small cafe, the Prospector’s Pick Store.


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