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Valhalla Park

The 49,600 hectare Valhalla Park is a dramatically diverse area encompassing 30 kilometres (19 mi) along the west shore of the Slocan Lake (near New Denver and Slocan) and most of the Valhalla range of the Selkirk Mountains. The peaks are truly magnificent.

In the northwest, the New Denver Glacier at 2,758 metres (9,102 ft) in elevation dominates the landscape while the block shaped Devil’s Couch at 2,667 metres (8,801 ft) and Hela Peak at 2,717 metres (8,966 ft) define the central area. Along the southwestern boundary is an outstanding group of spires including Mount Dag, the Wolfs Ears, Gimli, Asgard and Gladsheim, all over 2,660 metres (8,778 ft).

Numerous cirque basins, several larger deep lakes and chains of smaller lakes surround the ridges. Cascades and waterfalls are common on almost every creek. The shoreline of Slocan Lake is for the most part a rugged combination of bluffs and large rocks interspersed with beautifully isolated pebble and sand beaches.

The forest vegetation is a diverse, dense mix of species with cedar and hemlock being the most common.

The park supports important populations of mountain goat, and grizzly bear along with most other locally common species of large and small animals. Alpine ptarmigans and golden eagles are favoured birds to watch when hiking.

Pictographs on the rock bluffs overhanging Slocan Lake are reminders of former First Nations inhabitants while overgrown trails and logging flumes mark the passing of the local mining boom which brought European pioneers to this area a century ago.

Boating Opportunities

Valhalla Park encompasses 30 km of Slocan Lake shoreline. There are many attractive sand and cobble beaches for boaters (motorized and non-motorized) to enjoy. Nine separate camping areas with outhouses and bear proof food caches. It is recommended that larger motor boats use the more protected areas as strong winds can come up with little notice.


There are extensive hiking areas in this park. Check the website for all the details including a current trail report.

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On the W shore of Slocan Lake


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