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Teck Interpretive Centre

Free Guided Tours of Teck Trail Operations Electrolytic and Melting Plant.

Teck Trail Operations offers free guided tours of the Electrolytic and Melting (E&M) Plant Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning May – mid-October. The tour is approximately 2 hours beginning with the safety briefing at 9:30 am at the Teck Interpretive Centre on Bay Avenue after which the guests will follow the Tour Guide and drive themselves to the E&M parking lot entrance.

The Tours

The tours are conducted by retired Teck employees who will share their on-site knowledge, experiences and stories. During the visit you will overlook the cell house and see the crane pass at eye level. As you exit you will look down and see the skinning machine, the skimming robot and zinc bundles ready for shipping.


This tour involves extensive walking and stairs and as such is not accessible to by wheelchair or mobility devices. For safety reasons, participants must wear enclosed flat shoes (heel and toes), long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Children under 12 years of age or those with pacemakers or medically implanted electronic devices are not permitted to participate in the on-site tour of the smelter complex but are most welcome to experience the Teck Interpretive Centre. Tobacco products and the use of cameras or cell phone cameras, video equipment and mobile devices are not permitted on-site at Teck Trail Operations.

Register for a Tour

Please call the Teck Interpretive Centre / Trail and District Chamber of Commerce at 250-364-3144 for more information and to register for a tour.

Contact Information

201-1199 Bay Ave


V1R 4A4


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