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Golden Triangle

Travel Highway #1 through Yoho National Park and the village of Field to Golden (78 km / 48 mi)
Yoho National Park is a landscape which is simply awe-inspiring with 28 mountain peaks which reach more than 3,000 metres towards the sky.

  • Spiral Tunnels is an engineering marvel that reduces the railway grade through the Kicking Horse Pass. Up to 30 trains pass through the tunnels daily. The viewpoint is 7.5 km east of Field.
  • Established in 1880, the village of Field is a lovely town with fewer than 200 residents that offers accommodation, crafts and culinary delights.
  • Other attractions in Yoho National Park include Takakkaw Falls, Natural Bridge, Emerald Lake, Wapta Falls and Burgess Shale fossil beds guided hikes.

Yoho Park western boundary to Golden is 27 km / 17 mi.
The town of Golden is renowned for outdoor recreation. Situated at the confluence of the historic Columbia and Kicking Horse rivers, it is surrounded by three mountain ranges.

Highway #95 takes you from Golden to Radium Hot Springs (106 km / 66 mi).

  • The Columbia Valley Wetlands, alongside the Columbia River and Hwy #95, is the life support system for 216 animal species including hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.
  • Watch for the World’s Largest Paddle in Parson, south of Golden.

Village of Radium Hot Springs services include adventure operators, restaurants, shops and lodging from campgrounds to full-service resorts. Adjacent are Kootenay National Park and the Radium Hot Springs pools.

Highway #93 northeast from Radium Hot Springs travels through Kootenay National Park (105 km / 65 mi)
Set in the Rocky Mountains, Kootenay National Park offers many viewpoints, roadside attractions and guided hikes.

  • Sinclair Canyon is one of the most impressive gateways to a national park offering views and trails on both sides of the highway.
  • At Radium Hot Springs pools (3 km from the village), soak in the naturally heated, mineral rich water.
  • Kootenay Valley roadside viewpoint offers views of the Mitchell and Vermilion mountain ranges, and the Kootenay River.
  • Enjoy a self-guided interpretive walk at the Paint Pots, Marble Canyon or Continental Divide, or a Burgess Shale fossil bed guided hike at Stanley Glacier.More information:

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