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Nestled in the extreme southeast corner of the province (south of Fernie). This wilderness area along with Waterton Lakes National Park and US Glacier National Park, preserves the Crown of the Continent UNESCO World Heritage site at the narrowest point of the Rocky Mountains.

Consistent with the neighbouring national parks, there are no open fires permitted in the park. Preserved as well is an extremely important habitat for grizzly bears.

The trails and passes of the Akamina-Kishinena used today to cross the axis of the continent, were established and used for many years by the early people’s and wildlife travelling between the Flathead Basin and the abundant Great Plains.

The park offers hiking opportunities for beginners as well as highly experienced backcountry travellers. The mountain lakes offer excellent trout fishing. Other activities include: camping, picnicking, climbing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding (by permit only).

A backcountry campground, with 10 wilderness sawdust tent pads, outhouse and food cache is provided at Akamina Creek. This campground is located just off the main trail 1.5 km from Akamina Pass, 3 km from the trailhead at Cameron Lake. Register a trip itinerary with friends; check in and check out. Winter camping is available year round at Akamina Creek sites.

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