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Cummins Lakes

Remote Cummins Lakes Provincial Park is located approximately 60 km (37.5 mi) north of Golden on the east side of Kinbasket Lake at the head of the Cummins River. Set just below and west of the vast Clemenceau Icefields in Jasper National Park, this park features spectacular glacier fed waterfalls and lakes.

The Park encompasses an array of untouched terrain including spectacular mountains, valley floor meadows and marshes and sub-alpine spruce forests that are habitat for grizzly bear, caribou and mountain goat.


The area has nationally significant scenic and recreation values for wilderness mountaineering and ski-touring. Cummins Lakes Park contains a connected series of three spectacular waterfalls and two glacial lakes set against the backdrop of the Clemenceau Icefields.


The park is located at the head of Cummins River which drains southwest into the Kinbasket Reservoir. There is very limited access by ski touring across Clemenceau Icefields from Jasper National Park. The closest community is the town of Golden.

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60 km N of GOLDEN, BC

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