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Fortress Lake Retreat

Fortress Lake Fishing Retreat is the only commercial operation in Hamber Provincial Park.

You can either fly by float plane or hike in for your stay. The float-plane flight in itself is stunning – a 45 minute flight over the Columbia Icefields at the top of the Canadian Rockies.

The retreat offers an all-inclusive package to guests. Once at the location, guests enjoy bright, clean, comfortable accommodation in one of the 6 private guests cabins, all meals and the semi-guided fishing, hiking or paddling.

Retreat amenities include power boats to host fishing.

Canoes and sea kayaks are also on-site to enjoy the lake from a quieter perspective. Established hiking trails are nearby.

The quality and quantity of the food, and the remarkable ambience ensures that meals rank among the strongest features.

Season of operation: June 1 to October 15.

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