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Grohman Narrows

A 10 hectare day-use park with picnic area and walking trail.

Grohman Narrows Park protects special natural habitat of several species of provincially significant plants, animals and insects while providing visitors with exceptional views of the Kootenay River, Narrow Island and Grohman Narrows. The small island included in the park contains a stand of old growth black cottonwood that provide habitat for many birds.

Park Recreation Opportunities

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The Park also provides opportunities for local outdoor recreation and nature appreciation. It is used by residents for walks and occasionally by school groups as an outdoor classroom for nature studies.  The short circular trail explores the shoreline of the river and the dense brush in the area leading to a pond of protected painted turtles. Other un-managed trails in the park lead to views of Narrow Island.

There are a few viewing benches and picnic tables. Each picnic table is separated from the others providing privacy. There are some slabs of rock protruding from the shore that provide good views and an opportunity to unwind.

Interpretive signage is displayed in the park. It provides information on the local habitat and history. A monument is in the gravel parking area, dedicated to the founders of the park – Donna and Wilbert Anderson of Nelson.

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Highway 3A

4km W of NELSON, BC


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