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High Terrain Helitours

High Terrain Helicopters offers a number of aerial tours such as these listed below.  Custom tours are also available for special occasions or to specific areas.

The Full Nelson Tour
A 15 minute flight to see Nelson to its fullest. The loop around the beautiful city will leave you feeling inspired to see more.
$199 / pp + tax.

Flight to Ymir Mountain
A 20 minute tour south towards Ymir and Wurttemberg Mountains. You’ll see famous ski terrain from above while watching for wildlife.
$250 / pp + tax.

Kokanee Glacier Tour
A 30 minute photographers’ dream tour. It travels up Kokanee Creek, over Kokanee Lake through the divide, then to Slocan Chief Cabin and includes a close-up view of the famous Kokanee Glacier.
$299 / pp + tax.

Valhalla Mountain Tour
This spectacular scenic tour of 42 minutes takes you west over the Slocan Valley and into Valhalla Provincial Park.
$399 / pp + tax.

The Grand Gimli & Kokanee Tour
This 50 minute tour will take you to the Valhalla Mountains, across to Kokanee Glacier and then back through Nelson.
$499 / pp + tax.

They are also known for their industrial services.

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