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JB Fletcher Store Museum

The J.B. Fletcher Store, built in 1896, is a unique piece of BC history.

Although there are other towns in the interior where commercial buildings and general stores from the 1890s have survived, there are only a handful with unaltered interiors.

To add to this uniqueness, most artifacts in the store are from its years of operation.

Some History

Although it was built and owned by Henry Geirgerich until the late 20s, J.B. Fletcher managed the store from 1913 on, eventually purchasing it from Giegerich and operating it with his family until 1972. He was fondly known as Pop Fletcher to those who frequented the mercantile and his kind and friendly energy still resides in the building.

His daughter, Mavis Stainer, created the J.B. Fletcher Restoration Society in the 80s and that non-profit went on to preserve and maintain the building as a museum.

From 2017 – 2020, the J.B. Fletcher Store underwent a massive restoration thanks to Heritage BC’s Built Heritage Grants funded by the Columbia Basin Trust.  Structural issues were addressed and the museum was returned to its original state.

A visit to the store is truly a step back in time.

The building is also home to a lovely retail shop that hosts two local businesses as well as numerous local artisans.

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