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Monashee Spirits

Located right on the main strip of Revelstoke’s busy Mackenzie Avenue, just across the street from the famous Village Idiot Pub.

Monashee Spirits take their cocktails very seriously. They don’t do food and do not serve wine or beer; they specialize in high end, craft made drinks that would stand up to the likes of any cocktail bar from Vancouver or New York.

Their highly talented bartenders and mixologists showcase stunning unique cocktails from traditional styles to new age and experimental made with their in-house distilled spirits and cocktail bitters.

This small batch craft distillery makes:

  • Single Malt Whiskey
  • Triticale Whiskey
  • Suze (aperitif)
  • Vulcans Fire
  • Monashee Vodka
  • Ethos Gin
  • Big Mountain Creamer
  • Cocktail Bitters.

They distill all the spirits by hand, using local ingredients, sustainable methods and pure mountain spring water.

They are a very small family run business. They believe in community, collaboration and sustainability. They wanted to create a product to bring people together, so no matter where you are in the world, when you pour a drink of the Monashee spirit, you’ll remember your time in Revelstoke and smile

Open every day except Mondays, 1pm to 11pm for tastings, cocktails & bottle sales.

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307 Mackenzie Avenue




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