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Mount Carlyle Lodge

Mount Carlyle Lodge is a comfortable remote backcountry lodge located 60km (37mi) north of Nelson, BC. At an elevation of 2,160 m (7,200 ft) in the Kokanee range of the Selirk Mountains, it is one of the highest lodges in British Columbia.

Mount Carlyle offers lodge-based backcountry skiing & snowboarding, and hiking trips. They have been operating since 1998. Summer access is a 3.5-hour hike in and winter access is by helicopter. Flights to the lodge leave from Kaslo Airport (1-hour drive from Nelson).

Their summer / fall operations run from early July to Thanksgiving.

The lodge accommodates twelve backcountry enthusiasts comfortably with a large kitchen and dining area serving quality, gourmet meals, a sleep annex with four spacious bunk rooms and separate relaxation & common room.

Amenities include in-house washroom with night toilet, hot water on demand, wood-fired sauna / shower area, sundeck and outdoor BBQ, mudroom and cozy wood stove.

Sustainability Initiatives
Mount Carlyle Lodge has registered with the Kootenay Rockies Tourism Sustainability Lens Program to measure and improve their sustainability performance. Their primary power source is solar. They provide natural soaps, self-propelled nature activities, educate guests on the natural environment and promote local businesses.

With 18 unique mountain basins, during the winter, it provides an unlimited array of terrain options, mellow to steep freeride descents to endless backcountry exploration. There is tons of opportunity to travel over five high mountain passes while enjoying spectacular vistas and descents along the way.

Mount Carlyle Lodge offers hiking packages. – The Sourdough Traverse – For the more adventuresome: a summer, multi-day alpine traverse. Campsites, all camping gear, food and guides provided.




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