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Mxiɬp (Cedar) Trail

Named in consultation with representatives of the Sinixt, the Mxiɬp Trail means Cedar in their traditional language and speaks to the towering cedars that mark the beginning of the trail.

The creation of the trail was done in such a way that it protects the trees and the land it was being built on. Where conventional trail building methods may dig down, this trail was created by building on top of the tree roots so as not to disturb them.

The old growth cedar canopy of the trail offers a lush backdrop for a mountain bike or calming walk through the forest.

The 3.25 km / 2 mi lower section of trail was roughed in by the end of June 2021 and is ready to be used.

The new upper 7.8 km / 4.8 mi section of the trail, finishing at the Seven Summits trailhead, will be a major construction focus for the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society and is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2022.

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