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Revelstuck Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are fun and attracting players across the globe to themed adventures where teams of players work together to solve puzzles and complete objectives. Using your intellect and teamwork to unravel mysteries, discover secrets and unlock puzzles that will help you accomplish your goal, which is to escape!

Escape Rooms:

Museum Heist
The small-town museum exhibits were mostly collecting dust until the word broke out, one of them is a long-forgotten ancient relic, worth millions. Big city historians and art experts are coming to take it away tomorrow morning, so your team only has this night to capitalize on the unexpected treasure.

School of Magic
The gift of immorality for many centuries has been the subject of research and aspirations of gifted wizards. But this gift can turn into a curse if it falls into the wrong hands. Order of the Serpent managed to restore the secret of Alchemist Stone and the Dark Lord is about to rise and gain unprecedented power.

After regaining consciousness, you begin to realize you’ve become the next pawn in a twisted game created by the notorious Jigsaw Killer. You and other unlucky chosen people must come together to defeat Jigsaw’s traps and puzzles., for in 60 minutes the doors will lock forever and your chance for freedom lost.

Let the games begin!

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