Silverton Gallery

Silverton Gallery


The Silverton Historical Society runs three facilities: the Interpretive Centre which is housed in the Silverton Gallery, the Outdoor Mining Museum in front of the Gallery and Fingland Cabin across the street.

The Silverton Gallery was built in 1919; it was the town's second school. Today, the gallery is used for art exhibits, music and dance classes, and open stage performances.

The Fingland Cabin is a refurbished blacksmith shop (over 100 years old) that showcases a host of authentic tools of the trade.

The Interpretive Centre displays historical photographs, bottles and artifacts. On the grounds of the Gallery and available to view year-round, is a collection from deserted camps, mines and mills.

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Contact Info

  • 1-250-358-7788
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  • Hwy 6, 408-4th Street, SILVERTON, BC, V0G 2B0


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