Taynton Bay Spirits


They say it on every bottle and it is the philosophy they live by. They are a group of friends who enjoy sharing good times, good drinks and lots of laughs!

What they produce is exceptionally smooth without any pretension because they subscribe to the "keep it simple" philosophy. Life is complicated enough, so at Taynton Bay Spirits they call a spade a spade, a gin a gin and vodka a vodka, bringing the distiller experience right back to the basics of clean classic taste.

Currently Taynton Bay Spirits is producing vodka, gin, pickled vodka, raspberry vodka and a tequila inspired spirit. In addition to their spirits they also make two fantastic bitters: hibiscus and sweet orange.

Join them at their distillery under the Station Neighbourhood Pub at Kinsmen Beach in Invermere. Enjoy a sample cocktail designed to bring out the best in their spirits and bitters.

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