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Toby Creek Adventures

Toby Creek Adventures is a premiere Snowmobile and ATV Tours company operating in the region since 1996. Their summer and winter tours are great for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders – large families and corporate groups are welcome. A cozy alpine cabin, a private network of trails and a waterfall / icefall are some of the highlights featured on their property in Panorama BC.  To complement the summer ATV program, they are building mountain bike trails – new for summer 2022.

Snowmobile Tours include a variety of options, from 1-hour tours to multi-day trips

  • Paradise Basin Snowmobile Tour; 4.5 hours
  • Paradise Mine Snowmobile Tour; 3 hours
  • Mountain Icefall Snowmobile Tour; 2 hours
  • Taste of the Valley Tour; 1 hour
  • Powder X – Intermediate to Advanced Tours (1-5 days)
  • Paradise Basin + Powder X Combo Tour (2 days)
  • They also offer group tours & events.

ATV season  runs from early June to mid-October

A selection of different All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) & Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Tours are offered.

  • Paradise Basin Tour; 4.5 hours
  • Paradise Mine Tour; 2.5-3 hours
  • Waterfall Explorer Tour; 2 hours
  • Taste of the Valley Tour; 1 hour
  • Zip & Ride Combo; 5.5 hours
    Zipline through the forest tops and then conquer Paradise Mountain
  • Raft & Ride Combo; 7 hours
    An action packed day of ATVing and river rafting
  • Custom Tour offering, Adventure dining, multi-day backcountry, driver training courses.

Toby Creek also provides training and instruction courses for recreational riders and employment related requirements.

Join them for a unique adventure!

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