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Nelson BC

Villa Motel

The Villa Motel has landscaped grounds overlooking beautiful Kootenay Lake – located across the Nelson bridge.

Guest amenities include:

  • air-conditioned rooms
  • housekeeping and sleeping units
  • suites and king beds
  • satellite cable TV
  • movie and sports channel.

Small pets welcome.

Licensed family restaurant is on-site.

On the West Arm of Kootenay Lake resides Nelson, a mountain town with a big city buzz. Known for its welcoming personality and diversity of outdoor adventures, the city itself is full of trendy boutique shops such as Cartolina, Gerick Cycle & Ski, Kootenai Moon, Mountain Baby, Sacred Ride and Roam Shop with some 350 heritage buildings that flourish year-round.

Described as the best Art Town in Canada, for the entire summer, ArtWalk turns the downtown core into a living art gallery. In the warmth, enjoy a trip on the historic Streetcar #23, play in the sand and grass, or just relax at one of the parks.

Contact Information

665 Highway 3A


V1L 5R4



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