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Centennial Campground

Located on the shore of pristine Slocan Lake.

Amenities include:

  •  44 sites
  • public washrooms
  • coin operated showers
  • sani-station

Open May 1 to September 30.
No reservations.

The villages of Slocan, New Denver, Silverton and additional communities sit quietly on the shores of Slocan Lake. In the south area of the valley, the most noticeable communities are Crescent Valley, Slocan Park and Winlaw and they would also offer the most services for travellers.

At the height of the 19th century mining boom, people flocked to this valley by the thousands. Sandon, a boomtown built in the narrow valley of Carpenter Creek was, in 1900, one of the largest communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Today, the largest centre in the valley is New Denver with a population of 504.

Silverton Lookout, BC Highway Rest Area pictured above.

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