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Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy with Guide Pat Bavin.  Pat is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and Forest Therapy Trail Consultant with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides (ANFT).

Pat takes clients on 2 and/or 3 hour walks on specifically designed trails at Panorama Resort and the Radius Retreat Centre near Radium Hot Springs.

Each walk is less than a kilometre in length with the purpose to engage your senses with the elements of nature, so as to slow you down and rekindle your energy and provide restorative outcomes with the forest.


Forest Art Walk
3-10 people
Cost $70/person
The Forest Art Walk is for everyone, whether a curious beginner or polished pro. You’ll get taken deeper into your ears, eyes, nose, touch and taste to see what your marks on paper do. You’ll step into the freedom and surprise of your imagination using a variety of fun invitations to loosen and bring out the artist that actually resides within us all.

Columbia Walk
3 people minimum – 10 max.
Cost $70/person
3 hours
This 3 hour walk will be easy and you can drag your feet if you like. Green forest setting promised and designed for comfort and inspiration. Location and vehicle access are excellent. This walk is designed with enough time that you’ll reach a walking meditation awareness that will calm the mind, improve clarity, enhance the heart and boost your immune system. This well-rounded walk will give you the ultimate opportunity to experience the richness of what the forest offers.

Link to more programs such as: Kids’ Forest Play and Specialty Group Walk.

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