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June 6, 2024

Experience the Natural Wonders along Highway 1

Embark on an extraordinary journey along BC’s Rainforest to the Rockies route, where you conquer roadways from the Pacific Ocean or the Canadian Rockies – and explore the communities of Field, Golden, and Revelstoke. Witness the towering peaks of Monashees, Selkirks, Purcells and the Rockies and discover three national parks along the route – Glacier, Mount Revelstoke, and Yoho.

Travelling on Highway 1, over the Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park; photo by Mitch Winton

If we travel east on the Trans-Canada Highway 1, include a stop at Craigallechie – the riveting site where the ‘Last Spike’ of the Canadian Pacific Railway line was fiercely driven into place in 1885, marking a milestone in unity between Canada’s east and west.


Unleash the adventurer within you around Revelstoke (known by the locals as Revy)! This haven offers exhilarating recreational climbing, enthralling wildlife viewing, and dynamic hikes – experience hiking like never before in alpine meadows, over glaciers, or from hut-to-hut with a heli-adventure’s backcountry lodges.

Amidst quirky cafes and quaint old houses, an array of beautiful trails eagerly awaits biking enthusiasts. Highlighting the high-alpine trails of Keystone-Standard Basin and Frisby Ridge, these trails present a thrilling adventure awaiting discovery. Revelstoke Mountain Resort, boasting BC’s most recent lift-accessed bike park, offers unparalleled access to mesmerising alpine hiking and biking experiences. 

Alpine Hiking at Revelstoke Mountain Resort; photo by Mitch Winton


Mount Revelstoke National Park, positioned on the edge of the city of Revelstoke, is a realm of astounding diversity and striking contrasts. This expansive 260 square kilometre sanctuary delivers a captivating mix of lush rainforests, vibrant wildflower meadows and unrivalled natural grandeur. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the heartbeat of nature, as Mount Revelstoke promises unforgettable experiences at every turn.

Drive the paved 26-km Meadows in the Sky Parkway, your gateway to the heights of the mountain. As you ascend, prepare to take in awe-inspiring panoramas of Revelstoke, the Columbia River and the majestic Monashee and Selkirk Ranges (open from late-May through to late-October).

Columbia River views from the summit of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway in Mt. Revelstoke National Park; photo by Andrew Penner


In the heart of Glacier National Park sits Rogers Pass, the venue for the largest moving avalanche control initiative globally, which proudly stands as a National Historic Site, marking a significant footnote in the national transportation narrative.

Time stands still in this magnificent park, where over 400 glaciers reminiscent of the Ice Age continue to adorn the rugged terrains of countless steep mountains, captivating to every observer’s awe. Glacier National Park, with its slenderness, steep inclines, and impressive annual snowfall, boasts one of the world’s most dynamic avalanche zones. As you traverse this expansive 1,350 square kilometres park, you’ll witness that comprehensive protection is a priority – thank numerous snow sheds safeguarding the TransCanada Hwy1 and the railway against the relentless power of avalanches.

Explore the majestic Columbia Mountains of Glacier National Park. From short, leisurely valley-bottom strolls to the thrill of steep, challenging climbs, each trail gives you a stunning view worth every step.

Easy hike to Bear Creek Falls in Glacier National Park; photo by Mitch Winton


Golden stands proudly as the crown jewel in the western expanse. With an unbeatable blend of authentic charm, warm hospitality, and unmatched natural beauty, every day in this town is nothing less than extraordinary. Golden is not just a town, it’s an experience for nature enthusiasts. Renowned as a hotspot for wildlife observation and birdwatching, it also hosts river and lake fishing.

Experience unbridled adventure on the Kicking Horse River, the nation’s top choice for whitewater rafting and kayaking.  Boasting an impressive 185-km of panoramic cross-country trails and adrenaline-pumping downhill descents from Mount 7 and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Explore a world of adrenaline-pumping attractions waiting for the entire family, at the Golden Skybridge featuring two awe-inspiring suspension bridges, the exhilarating Railrider Mountain Coaster, the heart-stopping Giant Canyon Swing and the thrilling Sky Zipline. 

Whitewater rafting the Kicking Horse River in Golden; photo by Dave Best
Amazing views of the Canadian Rockies and Purcell mountains from the Golden Skybridge; photo by Mitch Winton

The surrounding mountains, in Golden, are drawing cards for world-class climbers, and it has deep roots in Canada’s pioneer days. Many families in Golden are descended from the Swiss Guides; mountaineers, skiers and alpine hikers brought from Switzerland by CP Rail, who shared their alpine expertise to help connect the first visitors to the mountains and wilderness landscape surrounding Golden. The Edelweiss Swiss Village was built for the Swiss Mountain Guides and their families in 1912 by CP Rail still stands.  The Swiss Village is currently being renovated; they plan to open in fall 2024 (offering unique overnight accommodation).


Renowned for its monumental size of 1,313 square kilometres, Yoho National Park houses majestic mountain peaks that ascend more than 3,000-m into the horizon. A visual feast for the senses, the park enthralls everyone with its stunning scenery and is a must-visit destination for avid hikers, campers, and sightseers seeking unforgettable experiences in one of the planet’s most captivating landscapes.

Canoeing on Emerald Lake; photo by Andrew Penner

Crowning the heights of Emerald Lake, the Burgess Shale is a repository that meticulously preserves traces of an extraordinary spectrum of life forms from the Middle Cambrian era. More than a chronicle of over 500 million years of history, the seminal Burgess Shale fossils have revolutionised the contemporary understanding of early evolution in animal life.


Experience the charm of Field – a historic gem nestled in the Canadian Rockies with only 150 lucky residents. Situated within the boundaries of Yoho National Park, it’s your gateway to a world of unparalleled adventure and exploration. From the magnificent Takakkaw Falls to the intriguing Spiral Tunnels, the wonder of the Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River, and the breathtaking Emerald Lake.

Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, photo by Heidi Korven

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