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June 19, 2024

Experience Unique Thrills & Pure Family-Fun Attractions

Summer is here! Pack your bags, gather your family, and hit the road to experience the best that the Kootenays has to offer. Adventure awaits! Discover unique thrills and pure fun at these attractions.
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Voted as Canada’s most challenging mini golf course, be sure to experience the thrill of the Elizabeth Lake Lodge’s course, in Cranbrook. This exhilarating 18-hole (Par 70) Mini Golf Course is one the ‘must do’ activities, when visiting the community.

Here’s a fact you wouldn’t want to miss! Fairmont, Halcyon and Radium hot springs boast not just their signature hot springs mineral pools, but they also have incredibly cool pools for an equally enjoyable treat. Radium ups the game with a diving board and a pair of slides, perfect for endless fun. And wait till you experience Fairmont and Halcyon – their pools are a haven for refreshing play.

Fairmont Hot Springs Cool Pool; photo by Kari Medig

Get ready to conquer Canada’s highest Suspension Bridges – an experience like no other at the Golden Skybridge. With the exhilarating Railrider Mountain Coaster descending the mountainside, the breathtaking 305 metre (1,000-foot) Sky Zipline across the canyon, and the thrilling Giant Canyon Tandem Swing, Take on the edgy Canyon Edge Challenge Rope Course, master the Climbing Wall and summon your inner lumberjack as you hurl hatchets down the target range at their Axe Throwing activity.

One of the Golden Skybridges; photo by Mitch Winton

Unfazed by challenging terrains? Experience the sheer thrill of a Via Ferrata at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden. This Italian innovation, translating to ‘iron road’, is a climbing route equipped with a robust steel cable anchored firmly to the rock. All you need is a Via Ferrata harness & skillful Guide, and you’re ready to ascend confidently. The cable is not merely a safety measure but also an aid to easy climbing. Enhanced with iron rungs, pegs, carved steps, and even ladders and bridges, it’s a complete climbing solution. Relish in this safe, secure but thoroughly exhilarating climbing

Kicking Horse Resort’s Via Ferrata; photo by Heidi Korven

Jump aboard, Kimberley’s Underground Mining Railway and enjoy the authentic journey Mining Tour.  As you immerse yourself in the rich history of Kimberley and the renowned Sullivan Mine, you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled through time. Discover the underground life of a miner at the Interpretive Centre where their seasoned guide will unveil the intriguing world of hard rock mining. Get hands-on with some of the actual equipment used in this legendary mine.

Kimberley’s Underground Mining Railway; photo by Field & Forest

Six ziplines, six unique experiences, at Kokanee Mountain Zipline.  From the 27 metre (90-foot) warm-up line to the 732 metres (2,400 foot) Kokanee Creek Canyon crossing mega-ride, you zoom down an entire mile of gravity induced fun. Dive into an exhilarating, heart-racing adventure near Nelson. Their seasoned guides are here to ensure not just your safety, but also an awesome experience that will push your boundaries and redefine your comfort zone. 

Experience their sister resort in Fairmont Hot Springs, Mineral Mountain Ziplines. Prepare to take flight on the joyride of a lifetime as you glide effortlessly through forest canopies and across Fairmont Creek on the picturesque 6-line course. 

Mineral Mountain Ziplines in Fairmont Hot Springs; photo by Kari Medig

Mt. Abriel Mountain Biking Trails is a booming mountain bike destination near Nakusp, complete with multiple trails, a campground, bike park, and shelters. The creators of the trail network have a goal of breaking barriers between able-bodied riders, adaptive riders, experts, beginners, seniors and children.

Adaptive Trails at Mt. Abreil in Nakusp; photo by Mitch Winton

Introducing the exhilarating mountain coaster, at Panorama Mountain Resort, one of most thrilling route from the top of the Discovery Quad chairlift back into the village. You’ll command full control as you surge through lush pine forests and expansive mountain terrain, navigating adventurous 1-km track filled with thrilling twists and turns. Harness the power to speed up or slow down, racing at speeds of up to 40-km per hour or leisurely descend 165-m as you please.  Opening July 2024!

Step into greatness at RED Mountain Summer Bike Camp. Supercharge your skills and navigate through Rossland’s pristine trails. Join a community of passionate riders and elevate your biking prowess under the guidance of their top-tier coaches. Rossland is a cycling paradise that accommodates all skill levels, and their mission is to cultivate an unparalleled learning journey and a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. This summer, be a part of their diverse array of camps and immerse yourself in a stellar week of riding.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s Mountain Coaster is an international thrill-seekers’ magnet, while the Aerial Adventure Park is a guaranteed family favourite. Revel in the rush at the Resort – your perfect spot for summer fun. Soar to new heights on the Revelation Gondola, gracefully elevating you to a breathtaking 1,676-metres (5,500-feet). From there, embrace the captivating mountain vistas and embark the invigorating alpine hiking trails.

The Pipe Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke Resort; photo by Kari Medig

Enjoy on the adventure of a lifetime with Tunnel 49’s awe-inspiring cliff jumping experience, in Fernie. Rise to the challenge and feel the unbeatable rush of descending from a soaring cliff into the depths of pristine water, mesmerized by the rugged beauty of British Columbia. Your adrenaline won’t know what hit it!

Take flight at Valley Zipline Adventures, in Radium Hot Springs, and discover the Dry-Gulch Valley from a bird’s eye view! Their expert guides will not only ensure your safety but also fill your journey with fun and fascinating facts about the unique Columbia Valley. Experience the thrill of soaring through the trees, doubled with our tandem ziplines. Remember, adventures are better when shared!

Face your fear of heights at Valley Zip’s 50 Foot Jump Tower. Climb up 15-metres (50-feet) and step off the edge with this new and exciting attraction. The QuickFlight Fall device is used which gives jumpers a thrilling free fall experience before softly catching you and lowering you to the ground. And, their Aerial Park consists of 3 different levels and 33 different elements to explore!

Photo courtesy of Valley Zipline Adventures

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