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March 25, 2024

Farm to Fork in the Kootenays

Championing the farm-to-fork movement, we’re backed by passionate consumers and innovative chefs who favour locally sourced ingredients, proving not just a trend, but a lifestyle of choice for locals and visitors alike in the Kootenays.

Living in the Kootenays or just passing by? Dive headfirst into the fascinating journey of food – from harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, selling, right through to the ultimate joy, savouring the meal! Witness vibrant restaurants in Kootenays rejoicing this slow food movement. It’s a unique dining experience that centres around wholesome, locally grown food, dishes crafted with body & soul wellness in mind, and meal-times meant for truly valuing the food we enjoy.


Embrace the epicurean experience at From Scratch – A Mountain Kitchen in the heart of Fairmont Hot Springs. They are not just a pit-stop for food lovers, we’re a destination. Offering an array of dining options, whether in-house, take-out, or bringing fresh products to your own kitchen. They advocate for minimal food miles and forge impactful relationships with local farmers and growers. Harness the flavour of BC’s seasons with our exquisitely sourced ingredients.

Photo courtesy of From Scratch – A Mountain Kitchen

Introducing Winderberry Edibles Farm + Café + Catering in Windermere – an oasis enveloped by the lush vegetation of Winderberry’s nursery. They firmly uphold their pledge to the planet and their dedicated farmers by committing to use organically-grown ingredients, responsibly sourcing hormone-free meats and celebrating the array of vibrant vegetables, freshly plucked from their very own Winderberry Edible Acres Farm. Not only do they harvest their own produce, they masterfully prepare, cook and serve meals originating from their grounds. Local ingredients are incorporated whenever necessary. It’s high time to experience dining that doesn’t just taste good, but feels good too!


With five Red Seal chefs at the helm, the Heid Out and Fisher Peak Brewing Company always aim for culinary excellence. Their award-winning Fisher Peak beers, brewed downstairs and served straight from the tanks, inject an extra dash of perfection into your experience.

Patio dining at The Heid Out and Brewery; photo by Mitch Winton


At Reposados, they confidently craft delightful fusions utilizing the taste palettes that Mexico offers, incorporating only the freshest produce in their creations. The genuine spices radiate vibrant colours and release enchanting aromas. They take pride in their meticulous daily routine – everything is handmade fresh every single day. From grilling succulent street style meats to crafting their own corn tortillas from scratch, our commitment to perfection is unprecedented.

Photo courtesy of Reposados Tacos in Golden, BC


Biscuit Supper’s chef will surely unleash an array of tantalizing canapés, irresistible grazing plates, and delectable desserts. Every dish will pay homage to the unique flavours of our beloved local region. Their patio bar is ready to serve an abundance of mead, beer, and signature cocktails, each meticulously crafted to reflect local nuances. Dive into this food journey knowing that all key ingredients have been freshly sourced from local fields, farms, and producers located no more than 100 miles away.


Experience the finest local fare at Broken Hill. Every bite brings you the highest quality and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Rest easy knowing all their meats are free from hormones and antibiotics. Expect nothing less from their Texas-style BBQ, craft beer & Whiskey bar. Plus, the menu caters to all, including those with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free preferences.

Photo courtesy of Broken Hill

The Red Light Ramen Bar, exclusively chooses seasonal produce straight from the fertile soils of Kootenay farmers. They abide by using 90% organic oils and vinegars, ensuring their quality is uncompromised. As for their meat products, they are from animals that are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and raised ethically right here in BC. None other than free-roaming hens lay the eggs they use. Fresh food, prepared daily, directly from the finest suppliers – that’s their unwavering commitment to you.

A cheddar zucchini noodle bowl, photo courtesy of the Red Light Ramen Bar


Several restaurants harness the abundance of locally-grown produce, effortlessly setting culinary trends. Dose Coffee leads the charge with their menu, a lively homage to regional fare! Rest assured, your meat intake at Dose is directly sourced from BA Sausages. The vibrant flowers adorning your table courtesy of Woods Goods? Yes, they’re available for your personal collection.

At the helm, of Monashee Spirits distillery, owner Josh McLafferty deftly partners with local producers, concocting unparalleled spirits. His daring collaborations have birthed sensations like the garlic-infused vodka, made with garlic from Track Street Growers, and Big Mountain Creamer, crafted with locally roasted Stoke Roasted Coffee. His use of locally sourced Juniper, coriander, huckleberries, spruce tips, and wildflowers solidifies the unmatched stature of their Ethos Gin.

Monashee Spirits; photo by Mitch Winton

Terra Firma’s Kitchen sets the gold standard for farm-to-table dining, serving you delights straight from the bounty of Terra Firma Farms and other local virtuosos of the soil. Experience the joy of savoring freshly picked, organically grown vegetables and eggs that barely have time to nestle in the kitchen before making their way to your plate.


Unleashing nature’s bounty on a grand scale, Happy Hills Farm is a sprawling 2.4 hectare (6-acre) dynamo situated in Rossland. They are steadfast in our dedication to cultivating only the finest, most nutrient-packed and taste-exploding variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and microgreens throughout the year. Applying bio-intensive, regenerative farming methods, they ensure their soil is as healthy and vibrant as their produce.

Unleashing the flavours of West Kootenays through an impressive network of local chefs and restaurants, Happy Hills Farm is your one-stop destination for fresh, locally sourced delicacies. Embark on a culinary adventure at The Alpine Grind Coffee House & Eatery, Clansey’s, Gabriella’s, The Trail Beer Refinery, and The Velvet at The Josie and luxuriate in meals, thoughtfully crafted with ingredients straight from their farm.


At the Frog Peak Cafe nestled in the heart of Crescent Valley, they take pride in serving our community and visitors with exceptional culinary delights. They meticulously handpick their ingredients from local sources close to their restaurant. They are driven by the powerful conviction of infusing love into everything they create and they are profoundly in love with the exquisite area they call home. Perched at the brink of the enchanting Slocan River in the scenic Slocan Valley, they welcome you to join them for an unforgettable dining experience.

Photo courtesy of the Frog Peak Cafe

Use the Slocan Valley Grown Map and embark on an enriching ‘Slow Food Cycle‘. Adhere to the itinerary for a blend of rail trails, explorations of farmers markets, and pauses at farm stands. Relish locally roasted coffee beans from our charming cafes and choose from diverse overnight stay options available in the region – ranging from camping to glamping, from comfortable indoor quarters to premium accommodations.

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