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March 21, 2024

Our Kootenay Spirits

Embracing the vibrancy of our farm to table ethos and spicing it up a notch, you simply can’t ignore the surge of avant-garde distilleries blossoming in the heart of the Kootenays. Our robust tapestry of craft brewing has a rich legacy, rooted in the Fort Steele Brewery’s beginnings in 1898.

Now, these burgeoning enterprises are on a trailblazing path, infusing our community and travelers with unparalleled, artisanal delights to relish wholeheartedly. Harmoniously fusing our unspoiled mountain spring water with locally sourced, organic secret components, we’re revolutionizing spirit production. Experience the unique Kootenay twist. It’s not just a fitting addition to our exhilarating mountain setting – it’s a confident statement of who we are.


Bohemian Spirits, in Kimberley, offers exquisitely handcrafted, definitively hand-corked, and unequivocally the finest essence of the plush Rocky Mountains distilled in a bottle. They proudly stand as an invigorating distillery strategically posited in the heart of untouched serenity, nestled within Canada’s loftiest city. This is where unadulterated air meets bold flavours, where affable people cherish perfect drinks.

Bohemian Spirit’s Outdoor Patio in Kimberley; photo by Chris Wheeler


Brace yourselves for the extraordinary! Fernie, a majestic mountain town, boasts legendary powder turns, biking trails, and picture-perfect beauty that leaves our guests in awe. In the heart of it all lies history, deeply rooted in prospecting, mining, and the thrilling era of bootlegging. Innovation, diligence, and relentless determination echo through every nook and corner of Fernie. At Fernie Distillers, we’re honoured to craft spirits that encapsulate all the richness and bold spirit of this invigorating terrain. Experience Fernie in every sip – as varied and vibrant as the amazing souls who consider this place home.

Outdoor patio at Fernie Distillers, photo by Mitch Winton


Nestled in the heart of Revelstoke lies a vibrant family-run distillery and cocktail bar, exuding an unmatched passion for quality and community. Pursuing excellence, they harness local resources and sustainable practices to handcraft our spirits with pure mountain spring water, transporting you to the taste of the mountains, no matter your global location. They don’t just specialize; they excel in concocting craft-made, bespoke cocktails and producing award-winning spirits for your enjoyment. Monashee Spirits unwavering dedication towards our intimate community, collaborative spirit, and sustainable crafts speaks volumes of our passion. Stand with us as we raise the bar in the distillery world.

Monashee Spirits; photo by Mitch Winton


In the vibrant heart of Creston Valley, on 6.5-hectare Saskatoon berry farm – the owners changed from a u-pick farm to a distillery; after acquiring a ‘masters distilling certification for Sternwheeler Craft Distillery (formerly Wynndel Craft Distilleries).

They ensure the purity of their products by growing the fruits onsite or sourcing them from within the Creston Valley. Their spirits are grain-free and naturally flavoured without any extracts. Their dedication has received recognition – a silver medal for their gin and a prestigious ‘Best-in-Class‘ for a unique moonshine they innovated.


Welcome to Taynton Bay Spirits, your Invermere oasis. Here, the spirit of adventure doesn’t just linger, it thrives. Bathed in the pristine beauty of Lake Windermere and its breathtaking surroundings, their master distillers exhibit the audacity to chase their passion relentlessly. The team, armed with an unshakeable commitment to excellence, victoriously delivers award-winning flavours. Every sip is a testament to their fearless pursuit of quality, crafted with only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Expect nothing less but to be captivated by the heart of Taynton Bay every time.

Delicious cocktails at Taynton Bay Spirits; photo by Mitch Winton


Nestled at the heart of the majestic Valhalla Mountains lies Tonik Distillery, in Crescent Valley, a testament to humble roots blossoming into extraordinary mastery. They are a rustic Kootenay distillery, renowned for crafting spectacular products, with their 13 Peaks spirits stealing the spotlight. Each of our offerings is a symphony of pure, natural ingredients, masterfully sculpted into a carnival of flavours and fragrances, making each sip an unforgettable experience.

Harnessing the purity of glacier water trickling down from the Valhalla Mountains, each spirit they create carries the heavenly aura of these majestic peaks. Experience the enchantment in every sip of our creations, courtesy of this distinguished rural distillery. Tonik sets aside the fickle trends of flowery botanicals, instead embracing the timeless potency of traditional flavours, curated with a unique, pure twist.

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