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Farm to table with a little kick, the increasing number of new Kootenay distilleries are making their home in the Kootenays.  And why not, our craft brewing is steeped with history dating back to 1898 at the Fort Steele Brewery.

These new businesses provide residents and visitors with quality, handcrafted goodness for you to happily consume. It’s a natural fit to our mountain playground, combining the best of our pure-mountain spring water and local organic ‘secret’ ingredients to produce unique Kootenay spirits.

BOHEMIAN SPIRITS (Kimberley) – is handcrafted, hand-corked and hands-down the happiest bits from around the Rocky Mountains in a bottle. They are a fresh little distillery conveniently situated near the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Secret Ingredients: Angelica root, Coriander, Elderflower & Huckleberries
Products: Colossal Gin, Forester Single Malt Oak Aged Gin, Limited Gin, Vagabond Vodka, Eclipse Coffee Liqueur
Where to Buy: On-line, on-site and various Farmers’ Markets

(Rumour is they will have a store-front in Kimberley’s downtown centre with a Creekside patio area to sip their spirits)

Cocktail: 'The Doukhobor' - Eclipse Coffee Liqueur, Vagabond Vodka & Cream

ELDER BROS FARM DISTILLERY (Wycliffe) – has over 2,000 elderberry plants in five varieties. Conveniently located in between Kimberley and Cranbrook, it’s an easy stop if you are touring the region.  Watch for their new products too – wine, juices, jams and syrup!

Secret Ingredients: Locally-grown Elderberries
ProductsCherry & Honey Schnapps, Elderflower & Honey Schnapps and Elderflower & Cherry Schnapps
Where to Buy: on-site and at various Farmers’ Markets

FERNIE DISTILLERS (Fernie) – offers their small-batch spirits in their very own lounge by a talented mixologist, perfect for small groups.  

Secret Ingredients: Earl Grey Tea
Products: Prospector Gin, No. 9 Mine Vodka, Fernie Fog Liqueur and Seasonal Spirit
Where to Buy: on-site, on-line and at various Farmers’ Markets  

Cocktails - Featuring No. 9 Mine Vodka

JONES DISTILLING (Revelstoke) – is using high-tech distilling equipment from the Netherland company iStill.  Located in Revelstoke downtown centre, the mash tanks and stills can control temperature to a tenth of a degree, to ensure that their small batch products have the same high quality, every batch, every bottle.

Secret Ingredients: Water from the Greely Bowl (northern slopes of Revelstoke Mountain Resort)
Products: The Revelstoke Series Gin and Mr. Jones Vodka
Where to Buy: on-site, online and at various locations

Cocktail: 'Jones Cherry Vodka Sour' - Mr. Jones Vodka, freshly picked cherries, lime, egg white (pasteurized) and simple syrup

KOOTENAY COUNTRY CRAFT DISTILLERY (Winlaw/Slocan Valley) – reflects the deep family farm and agricultural traditions that define this area. The distillery marries organic heirloom grains, 100-mile-sourced agricultural products and pure spring waters to artisan distillation methods, creating unique spirits. 

Secret Ingredients: Black Current, Cucumber, Elderflower & Tarragon
Products: Kootenay Country Gin, Kootenay Country Honey Vodka and Ginger Cinnamon, Black Raspberry, Elderflower, Min Vodka & Black Currant/Cucumber/Tarragon Vodka (seasonal)
Where to Buy: Online, On-site and various Liquor Stores

MONASHEE SPIRITS (Revelstoke) – is located right on the main strip of Revelstoke’s busy Mackenzie Avenue, just across the street from the famous Village Idiot Pub. A small batch craft distillery making their award winning Big Mountain Creamer. They distill all the spirits by hand, using local ingredients, sustainable methods and pure mountain spring water.

Secret Ingredients: Apples, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup & Chili Peppers
Products: Big Mountain Creamer Liqueur, Vodka and Vulcan’s Fire Liqueur
Where to Buy: Online, On-site and various Liquor Stores

Cocktail: 'The Damn Good Ceasar' - Garlic or Chili Garlic Vodka, Caesar Mix, Celery & Corona Bitters and rimmed with a honey & lime sauce & paprika celery salt rim

TAYNTON BAY SPIRITS (Invermere) – produces exceptionally smooth without any pretension because they subscribe to the ‘keep it simple’ philosophy.  They call a spade a spade, a gin a gin and a vodka a vodka, bringing the distiller experience right back to the basics of clean classic taste.

Secret ingredients: Ginger, Raspberry & Strawberry
Products: Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Cocktail, Strawberry Herbal Tea Infused Cocktail, Raspberry Vodka, Pickled Vodka, Vodka, Gin, Gringo’s Revenge, Sinferno and two Bitters
Where to Buy: On-line, On-site & various other locations

Cocktail: 'Chocolate Therapy' - Sinferno, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Ice Cream & Whipped Cream with Chocolate Sauce

WYNNDEL CRAFT DISTILLERIES (Wynndel/Creston) – uses a variety of local fruits and without any artificial flavours, produces a variety of Schnapps, Brandies, Liqueurs, Gins and Vodka.

Secret ingredients: Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Peach & Saskatoon Berry
Products: Aged Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Peach & Saskatoon Berry Brandy; Old Tom Apple Gin & Floral Gin; Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Honey Berry, Mixed Berry, Peach, Saskatoon Liqueur; Apricot, Cherry & Saskatoon Schnapps and Chili Cherry Vodka
Where to Buy: On-line, On-site and various Farmers’ Markets

Story by KootRocks Staffer (Shannon Harrison).  Cover/top photo courtesy of Fernie Distillers.

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