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A Road Trip of a Lifetime: Kootenay Rockies Hot Springs

July 27, 2021

With long, winding highways running along deep river valleys, over long mountain passes and through picturesque communities, a road trip through the Kootenay Rockies fulfills... Read More

Craving the Refreshing Flavours of the Kootenays

July 6, 2021

Does the warm summer sun leave you craving the refreshing taste of a cold craft beer on a shaded lakeside patio?  Does your perfect vacation... Read More

Golf our Mountain Playground

June 15, 2021

Pack up the clubs, lace up the golf shoes and hit the links with your bubble (friends) at one of the Kootenay's many fine golf... Read More

Connect with the Indigenous Culture in the Kootenay Rockies

June 8, 2021

Venturing through the mountains and valleys of the Kootenay Rockies, you'll be hard-pressed not to come across some aspect of Indigenous culture. Even the name... Read More

Laid-Back Kootenays: Wellness Getaways

June 1, 2021

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, taking time out for ourselves is more important than ever.  Lucky for you, the Kootenay Rockies... Read More

Toques & Plaid: It’s Uniqueness to BC's Powder Highway

February 9, 2021

There’s a sure-fire way to tell that winter has arrived in the Kootenays without looking at the weather. No, it’s not holiday lights or the... Read More

Family Fun on the Powder Highway

January 19, 2021

It was tradition in our house to go skiing every weekend in Kimberley... the house would be a buzz with five of us trying to... Read More

Invermere's Whiteway: And All Things Winter

January 14, 2021

The Whiteway on Lake Windermere is the World's Longest Skating Path, a 34-km (21 mile) groomed track that runs all the way around the lake and... Read More

Our Kootenay Mountain Culture

January 7, 2021

It’s a chilly day in mid-December and the Platzl in Kimberley is quiet. A cold winter wind whispers its solemn sound through the nearby trees.... Read More

5 Things To Do with the White Stuff in the Kootenays

December 29, 2020

Like true Canadians, we take our winter in stride - but we take them outside.  Since we have a true-love for the outdoors, hibernating is... Read More

Savouring the Kootenay Rockies this Summer

August 4, 2020

It goes without saying that every road trip needs fuel.  No, not the fuel that powers your car, nor the fuel that allows your boat... Read More

Kootenay Rockies: Farm to Fork

July 2, 2020

With the support of consumers and chefs who are dedicated to buying local ingredients whenever possible, farm-to-fork is what locals and visitors crave. Whether you live... Read More

Sunshine Houseboats & Marina: Waterpark

June 24, 2020

A one of a kind experience in the Kootenay's, Sunshine Houseboats' floating waterpark is a day trip like no other. Climbing, balancing, sliding and jumping... Read More

Kootenay Farmers' Markets

June 17, 2020

The taste of honey still warm from the hive, the happy racket of a friendly crowd and the tangy scent of fresh sourdough joyfully bombard... Read More

A Kootenay Coffee Road Trip: Meet the Locals

May 8, 2020

The sun isn't up yet, but you are. With all the vistas and adventures you want to see and do while on this Kootenay road... Read More

Kootenay Made

April 27, 2020

We have an abundance of delicious craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, meadery, wineries and coffee roasters in the region that offer some of the world's best refreshments. ... Read More

Our Kootenay Spirits

April 23, 2020

Farm to table with a little kick, the increasing number of new Kootenay distilleries are making their home in the Kootenays.  And why not, our... Read More

Wet Your Whistle: Along a Kootenay Road Trip

September 23, 2019

The beauty of the Kootenays in the fall, with the larch (tamarack) trees turning golden-yellow, makes for a fabulous time to take a road trip.... Read More

A Golden Triangle Road Trip

July 23, 2019

If your idea of a Sunday drive includes scenic highways and the occasional bird-call, it's time to take it to the wilds; Kootenay Rockies-style. Shift... Read More

Creston Cru: Get a Taste of these Vineyards

June 27, 2019

Dawn creeps over the Purcell mountains to the east, slowly bringing Creston Valley's songbirds to life. Between the protection of the range and the Kootenay River... Read More

4 Reasons to Drive BC's Hidden Route: The Slocan Valley

May 23, 2019

The road less travelled highlights many of the area's finest attractions and activities in the Kootenays as we follow Highway 23/6 from Revelstoke to Nelson,... Read More

Columbia River Paddle: Paddle the David Thompson Historical Route

May 2, 2019

The Columbia River holds a history and a heartbeat. Paddle into the past, as we travel on the David Thompson's 1811 historic route along a... Read More

Where the Locals Hang-out in the Kootenays

April 9, 2019

Wondering where to meet a few of the Kootenay locals during your visit? Check out our community's unique vibe over a signature menu item or... Read More

4 Quirky Communities along Kootenay Lake

March 26, 2019

One unique fact about Kootenay Lake is it never completely freezes in the winter, so at any time during the year, you could enjoy typical... Read More

Places to Stay in the Kootenay Rockies

March 11, 2019

Looking for a new experience this spring? From secluded glamping to high-end hotels, here are 10+ new accommodation options in the Kootenays (as of 2019). BED... Read More

Fishing Kootenay Lake: A Story of the Catch

March 5, 2019

Eugene stood waiting as my car pulled into the lot. The day was warmer than expected for early March and a break in a row... Read More

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